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10 Natural Water Bodies That Are Known to Have Healing Powers

May 30, 2017

For centuries, people from all over the world have turned to natural, mineral-rich waters to treat a variety of skin conditions and other ailments. Soaking in a thermal spring or a bath was not just for medicinal purpose but also part of the lifestyle in so many cultures. Check out these 10 natural water bodies that are known to have healing powers. 

1) Tlacote, Mexico

This well inTlacote, Mexico is known for its “miracle water” which is known to cure AIDS, cancer, obesity and high cholesterol. Over 10,000 visitors go to this well every single day to taste this miracle water and get cured of their ailments. Scientific labs have tested this water and results have shown that this water is purer than usual and contains 6 additional crystalline compounds. 80% of the people who have consumed this water have been cured of their diseases and illnesses. 

2) Nadana, India

In September 1992, in Nadana a small village in Haryana, India, water gushed out from a tube well without any power. People considered it supernatural and believed the water to have magical properties. Some people who bathed in it said that it cured their skin diseases and a polio patient who bathed in the water was believed to have been cured to a large extent. 

3) Yankalilla, Australia

Another place, known for its healing water is Yankalilla in Adelaide in South Australia. Parishioner Susan Fehlburg noticed an image of the Madonna and Child on the wall of the church and soon after a stream of water was discovered on the site. The water is also believed to cure a number of illnesses. 

4) Pamukkale, Turkey

The bluish waters of the thermal springs in Pamukkale, Turkey are rich in calcium oxide and hydrogen sulphide and are known to be incredibly healing and are very popular tourist attractions as well. 

5) Nordenau, Germany

A spring located 100 kilometres east of Dusseldorf, was discovered in 1992. Located in a former slate mine in Nordenau, in the popular ski resort region of Schmalenberg it is known for its medicinal and healing properties—cures blindness, gets rid of back problems and high blood pressure. The healing properties of the water have been acknowledged by the scientific community.  

6) Blue Lagoon, Iceland

This lagoon was formed by a heating company to explore geothermal heating methods in the 1970s. It contains 1.5 million gallons of seawater and freshwater. Because it contains high amounts of silica, the water exfoliates the skin, strengthens the barrier function and heals inflammation while minerals from seawater revitalizes the skin. It also stimulates collagen production. 

7)Ma’In Hot Springs, Jordan 

Also known as the HammamatMa'in, these springs originate fromJordan's highland plains.These springs are infused with skin-healing minerals like hydrogen sulphide, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

8) San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende in Central Mexico is home to several thermal, sulphur, freshwater and alkaline springs. These springs are believed to have age reversing properties and the natural minerals present in the water are supposed to very therapeutic.

9) Budapest, Hungary

Thermal springs in Budapest, Hungary have been converted to thermal spas and baths where people can bathe and enjoy the benefits of the mineral-rich water. The thermal waters are rich in sodium, magnesium, calcium, hydro-carbonate and are known to be effective in treating chronic arthritis, orthopaedic issues, joint pains and more. 

10) Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado

The Dunton Hot Springs are in south-west Colorado and contain high amounts of iron, magnesium, calcium bicarbonate and small amounts of lithium. Soaking in these hot springs not only improves blood circulation but also opens the peripheral blood vessels.

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