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10 Tips To Stay Healthy This Diwali

Oct 17, 2017

The Diwali fever is setting in and so are the cravings for all the mouthwatering delicacies floating around your living room and kitchen. Well, as tempting as they might be, there is a chance that your carefully planned daily diet goes out for a spin with the festive luncheons and dinners.

Today we offer 10 tips that will keep your health in check during the Diwali celebrations.

1. Limit the use of white sugar and flour: Sweets and food items made from white sugar and white floor (Maida) are not very healthy, use jaggery or brown sugar and wheat flour for making the festive delicacies.


2. Do not have food made from reused oil: Quite often, during the festive season, we use the cooking oil again and again to fry stuff. This is not good as the oil gets contaminated with fatty acids every time it is used. Make sure you are using fresh oil for every new dish.


3. Try fruit juices instead of fizzy drinks: We also tend to stock our fridge with fizzy drinks “for the children” during the festive days. These cola and orange drinks eventually find their way into our hands as well. Try getting healthier juices and homemade drinks like lemon water etc. for this holiday bash.


4. Keep that liquor bottle away: Diwali means celebrations with your family and friends, but do not let the cheers extend to excessive liquor intake. It not only leaves you dehydrated and drowsy but the hangover can also last for a while and spoil your festive mood.


5. Drink Clean water at regular intervals: Drinking Clean water regularly is essential for staying active, a thing you need the most during the Diwali holidays. Make sure you are having water at regular intervals and that too from a clean source. Gift yourself a home water purifier if you haven’t already got one. You can find some great Diwali discounts on home products and it is a prudent investment for the future as well.


6. Relax but don't leave out exercise altogether: With all the siblings in the house, you can be easily distracted from your daily exercise routine. Try to give 10-15 minutes to basic cardiovascular exercises every day before you get onto the couch for day long gossip sessions.


7. Don't skip meals: Sometimes you might be too busy to take proper meals while preparing for the festivities. Running on an empty stomach will result in fatigue. So, make sure you are having three square meals a day.


8. Avoid overeating as well: During the festive season, we tend to take a bite here a bite there, these little bites can significantly increase your calorie intake and derail your fitness streak. So, avoid irregular eating which might result in overeating without you realizing. Apart from your eating habits and exercise, you need to keep yourself from stress and air pollution as well.


9. Share your work or ask for help: Preparing for the festivities can be quite taxing on your mental health and result in stress. You can avoid this by delegating work and asking for help with the preparations from family members and idlers.


10. Act against indoor air pollution: Diwali celebrations begin a few days in advance and the polluted air from crackers and increased traffic on the roads can enter your home. To safeguard against these pollutants, you should ensure proper ventilation in your house. You can also buy a home air purifier for sampurna suraksha from air pollution this Diwali.

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