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12 Damaging Effects of Air Pollution on Your Hair and Skin and What You Can Do About It

Aug 21, 2017

Suffering from hair loss? If yes, you should know that pollution of air aggravates the condition, so much so that it is one of the major causes of rough and damaged hair. You cannot help being shocked at the fact that air pollution accounts for the most part of hair and scalp damage. You cannot really help your hair from being exposed to the demons of air pollution. Here we list 12 harmful effects that air pollution has on your hair and skin.

Effects on your hair


1) Sucks moisture from your hair

Exposed to the harmful gaseous mix the hair loses its moisture at a faster rate. This leads to dehydration of your hair, eventually causing the hair strands to go frizzy and brittle.

Remedy: The best way to stop your hair from being dehydrated is adding a moisturizing hair masque to your daily hair care routine. The masque locks in moisture and keeps your hair strands hydrated.

2) Damages the texture of your hair

The aggressive pollutants present in the air damages the texture and quality of your hair leading to the thinning of hair strands. Your hair would thus look thinner and all the more unhealthy.

Remedy: There are anti-air pollution hair care products loaded with anti oxidants coming from the hair care companies to combat the harmful effects on your hair and thus replenish your hair. You can get hold of such products to offer a protecting shield to the hair strands.

3) Causes scalp diseases

Air pollution can also cause scalp diseases resulting in itchiness of the scalp, which at times may be accompanied by redness and irritation.

Remedy: Medical help is the only solution to such scalp diseases as going for a homely remedy may aggravate the situation.

4) Causes dandruff

Dandruff on your hair is not just annoying but embarrassing too, and you would not be very pleased to hear that air pollution only adds to your plight.

Remedy: Using a good anti-dandruff shampoo is always recommendable. You could also keep oil your hair before washing to keep the scalp from getting drier and flaky.

5) Causes premature baldness

This is yet another of the worst effects of air pollution that is hard to deal with. While hair loss is a common phenomenon, extreme hair loss ends in baldness. The harmful gaseous mix, present in the air, triggers extreme hair loss and results in baldness.

Remedy: While baldness should be treated medically, you could also use a head covering caps and hats to protect the scalp from being exposed to pollution.

6) Causes the hair ends to split off

The harmful and aggressive elements of air pollution affect the hair strands along their length causing the ends to split. This split goes up through the length and eventually breaks the hair off the scalp.

Remedy: A routines trimming of hair keeps the split from reaching the scalp thus lessening the damage caused. Tying up the hair so as to keep the ends secured also helps ward off split hair ends.

Effects on your skin


1) Sensitisation of skin

The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin. Pollutants present in the air causes damage to this layer causing dryness and rupture. This is, in turn, causes your skin to become sensitive.

Remedy: Soothing essential oil treatments followed by gentle massage helps soothe your skin.

2) Causes wrinkled skin

Excessive exposure of the skin to polluted air may also bring wrinkles to your skin which is one of the most important reasons for premature aging. Fine lines appear along with dark circles.

Remedy: A well balanced and healthy diet can work wonders in keeping your skin from aging. A nutrient-rich diet also keeps up the elasticity of your skin.

3) Changes skin colour

Over-exposure to polluted air combined with the UV rays can actually rob your skin of all the nourishing elements. This makes the skin look dull and lifeless.

Remedy: Applying serums and sunscreens can help keep skin problems at bay.

4) Causes skin diseases

The pollutants present in the air may affect the epidermis causing various skin diseases. Melanoma is one of the most common names when it comes to skin diseases. It is a cancerous condition where moles starting multiplying and taking unusual shapes and colours.

Remedy: Using a good sunscreen will not just protect your skin from the UV rays but would also build a protective covering over the epidermis, thus preventing the harmful dust particles from coming in contact with your skin.

5) Disturbs the pH balance of your skin

PH is an important factor that keeps your skin healthy. Excessive exposure to the polluted air would disturb the pH balance, making the skin either too dry or too oily.

Remedy: While treating your skin with all the essential nutrients is necessary, proper water intake also prevents further aggravation of the problem.

6) Causes loss of protein

If you think that only the air outside is polluted, you are mistaken. Pollutants are present indoors as well in the form of creosote coming from stoves and fireplaces. Such pollutants cause irritation of skin resulting in rashes.

Remedy: Improved ventilation can help ward off the problem. This will allow fresh outside air to enter as the inside air goes out. Not will you breathe fresh air, but your skin too would breathe fresh air. You could also install a good air purifier that sucks in the pollutants and gives you pure and pollutant-free air!

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