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4 Simple Tips to Avoid Water Wastage in Restaurants and Cafes

Apr 05, 2018

A lot of clean drinking water gets wasted every day in restaurants and hotels across the globe. Interestingly, a few simple measures can save a lot of this wasted water and make it available for more practical use.

If you are a restaurant or cafe owner, you know what we are talking about. The Livpure #CuttingPaani is a concept based on cutting chai, and we are encouraging people to save more water in homes, offices and commercial establishments with it.

Here we are sharing 4 simple tips to avoid water wastage in your restaurant or cafe.

Make water conservation a part of the service

Ask your guests before filling up their glasses with water. A polite enquiry can save lots of drinking water during the day. If you offer packaged drinking water, make arrangements for storing the leftover water before recycling the bottles.

Have a few plants around

Organic dining decorations are quite popular these days. You can use a mix of indoor and outdoor plants to give your cafe a new look. At the same time, the leftover water from your tables can be used to rehydrate the plants.

Use it for cleaning

While leftover water is not fit for washing dishes, it can certainly be utilised for cleaning floors. Use a disinfectant to kill off any bacteria present in the leftover water and you can go about cleaning the place with it.

Offer creative take away drinks

A novel concept that you can use is to offer the leftover water to the customers in form of a takeaway drink. Even a simple drink like lemon water with some crushed mint leaves can evoke customer interest and you can tell them about the water conservation concept your restaurant supports.

These are but a few uses for leftover water in your restaurant or cafe. You can be creative and share your ideas with us for the #CuttingPaani mission. Support us by signing the petition for saving water here.

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