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5 Anniversary Day Gifts for Your Parents

Nov 21, 2018

Anniversary gifts for parents

Parents’ anniversary is a very special occasion for the children as it is a celebration of the love, trust and understanding of the two most important people in our lives. If you are confused about what to gift your parents on their special day, here are 5 anniversary day gift ideas to greet your parents with this year:

  1.  Personalised merchandise – Everybody loves to get a present that has been specially designed for them. Get your parents personalised merchandise such as printed coffee mugs, cushions, plaques along with a heartfelt message and your wishes. You can get creative with the print on the merchandise as many online shops let you choose your own design to be printed. Some places also have in-house designers who can help you out in creating a personalised gift for your parents’ anniversary.
  2. Gifts as per the anniversary element – Every anniversary has a special element associated with it. For example, 12th anniversary’s element is silk, then there is lace for the 13th, ivory for the 14th, silver for 25th and so on. You can easily get the list online and depending on the anniversary year, get your parents a gift made of that particular element.
  3. 3. ‘His & Her’ gift sets – A ‘his & her’ gift set is the perfect present for two people who are connected for a lifetime. You can get a watch set or a perfume set. Nowadays, most big brands offer beautiful ‘his and her’ gift sets. For watches, you can pick a style that both your parents like and they can coordinate their watches every time they step out together. Even with perfumes, you can pick fragrances that will complement your parents’ taste.
  4. Livpure Water purifiers – What better gift to get your parents that something that not only ensures their well-being but also the well-being of the entire family? Let us be honest, our parents always want the best for us and that includes the best quality of food and beverages as well. Livpure water purifiers are an ideal gift as these water purifiers use the latest water purification technology to give you clean and pure water. You can choose from gravity water purifiers, UV water purifiers and RO water purifiers available on the Livpure website.
  5. Livpure Air purifiers – Imagine a gift that ensures a breath of fresh air every time! Livpure air purifiers with HEPA filters eliminate air pollutants and create the ideal air quality in our homes. These air purifiers filter out even the smallest of particle pollutants from the indoor air and allow you to breathe clean air. Gifting your parents one of these will ensure their long-term happiness and wellbeing.

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