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5 Detox Water Recipes To Keep You Healthy During The Change in Weather

Dec 07, 2018

As the monsoons approach and the summer retires, our bodies go through a multitude of changes. During such weather change, we need to take extra care of our health. One of the best ways to go about it is a detox treatment. Be it any temperature, it is always wise to keep our bodies hydrated so that we can withstand the transition with grace. A fun way to do this is experimenting with fruit-infused water which is flavorsome yet does the job of keeping you completely hydrated and fresh.

Here are a few ways in which you can beat the heat and remain healthy this season:

Mint and Watermelon Water

Mint & Watermelon Water

A simple yet delicious detox option is born when you toss in some watermelon slices and a handful of fresh mint leaves into a tall container and leave it in the fridge for up to 8 hours. This easy-to-make detox water is the best thing you can sip on while at work or during a lengthy commute.

Cucumber and Lemon Water

Cucumber and Lemon Water

Known for their hydrating properties, cucumbers are also a great source of vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, the lemon is rich in vitamin C and helps protect the body from flu and infections. Add a few dices of cucumber and squeeze two whole lemons into a jar of cool water to strengthen your immunity and feel fresh the entire day.

Lemon and Honey Water

Lemon & Honey Water

Nothing feels better than a warm glass of water infused with lemon and honey on a cold, winter morning. Whether it is a common cold, cough or sore throat, this works like a magic potion to reduce weakness and boost immunity.

Orange and Berries infused Water

Orange & Berries Infused Water

Slice up a few oranges and let them float in a tumbler full of cold water, add berries to give a sweet flavor to the water and enjoy a rejuvenating drink throughout the day. The citrus flushes out toxins from your body, gives your skin a forever-glow and the berries act as an anti-aging agent protecting your immune system with the help of its antioxidants.

Green Tea

Green tea

Kickstart your day with some flavored green tea and let its refreshing aroma and antioxidants take care of your immunity. These are available in several flavors such as mint, tulsi, chamomile, honey, lemon and more.

Refresh, rejuvenate and energize yourself with these fun recipes and enjoy a wholesome water cleanse without stepping outside the house!

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