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5 Tips to Ensure your Kid’s Good Health during Exams

Dec 12, 2017

Often school kids feel distressed during exam time and when the results are announced. Exams can have a visible or invisible effect on your kid’s mental and physical health. Helping your child cope with the pressure during exams is very important for their long-term development.

Your support and guidance will not only solidify your child's self-confidence but will also prepare him or her for facing difficult situations later on in life.

As a part of the Livpure #100DreamsOfYoungIndia campaign, this post is meant for parents who are looking for ways to help their kids achieve their life aspirations. The tips address both physical and mental health issues a child might be facing during exam time.

Define Goals, Not Boundaries


In India, the education system is tilted towards rote learning, leading to development of a cause and effect mindset. Often people tell their children that not doing well in exams will result in a failure to get good jobs later on. This old school way of doing things creates extra pressure on a child to perform well in exams. This pressure may not only affect your kid's performance in an exam but can also lead to depression.

Instead of pressuring a child, parents should pursue an encouraging tone and help him/her understand the importance of exams. At the same time, parents should also emphasise the importance of creativity, arts and sports, so that a child knows there are other avenues he or she can take up.

Know your Child's Capacity


It is a universal phenomenon that some kids are good at studies, some at creative arts, some in physical activities and so on. Knowing your child's capacity and accepting it is critical for your child's mental well-being.

Know that your child can only perform to the best of his or her ability, regardless of your own expectations. Encourage them to do well but support them if they do not.

Avoid Negative Comparison


If your child is good in sports and you start comparing his academic score card, it won't help him do well in either. Parents often compare their child's performance in exams with other children. While parents may believe that they are developing a competitive spirit, the child may end up thinking, my parents are never satisfied, so why bother!

Again, offer your child positive criticism but never make them feel like underachievers. Encouraging them to do well in what they like will keep them high spirited and healthy.

Nutrition is Always Necessary


Healthy nutrition is a must for your kids during exam time. Ensure that your child gets a timely, healthy and balanced diet everyday. Include fresh fruits, green vegetables and plenty of fluids (water and juices) in your child's daily diet.

Drinking water is also very important for keeping your kid active and engaged. Dehydration can cause loss of concentration, which directly affects your child's performance in exams.

Proper Sleep and Rest


Sleep and rest between exam preparations are also very important components for the health of your child. Since kids are under a lot of stress during exam times, they tend to miss out on their sleep.

Ensure that your kid is getting at least 8 hours of sleep. Also, set up their preparation time tables with adequate breaks in-between for food and indoor/outdoor activity.


Understanding a child's need for psychological support, nutrition and rest, will ensure that he or she remains in good health, always. Exam time requires special attention from parents to help the children cope with all the pressure that comes with it. How you take care of your child during this time will also reflect on how the child performs in his career.

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