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5 Ways in Which the Leftover Water from Your Glass can be Used

Mar 05, 2018

Leftover water in a glass or water bottle is a common thing in our lives. Quite often we just drain the remaining water after our thirst is quenched. Did you know that draining clean water is one of the primary causes of water pollution? When we drain clean drinking water, we inadvertently pollute it.

The Livpure #CuttingPaani initiative  is all about becoming water wise and introducing the concept of using only the amount of water you require. The initiative derives its name from the cutting chai from Mumbai. You are served only half-a-cup of tea, which is enough to quickly refresh your senses and saves you time and money.

So here is how you can adopt the #CuttingPaani as a life mantra and help conserve the precious natural resource we call water.

Drink it

Well, water has many benefits and staying hydrated keeps you active and productive. So, when you are drinking a glass full of water, drink it all. Water provides calorie free nutrition so there are no side-effects to having a few extra sips.

Use it to fill a portable container

You can always carry the leftover water in a portable container such as a water bottle or flask to drink it later. In recent years, office goers have become more aware about daily water intake and are seen carrying water bottles. You can do the same and save the clean drinking water from spoiling.

Water the plants

You can simply pour the leftover water from your glasses into pots and planters. This is one of the most effective ways of recycling the water as it is being given back to the nature for growth.

Fill up the pet's bowl

Leftover water can also be used to fill up your pet's water bowl. Also, if you have a water bowl kept in the open for birds, you can use the leftover water to fill it up.

Use it for cleaning

The leftover water from a single glass might not be much but if you have a party or function at home, you will be surprised at the amount of leftover glass water that gets wasted. Taking cue from the Gloria Restaurant in Mumbai, this water can be used for cleaning floors. Simply add a good disinfectant and use the water to mop up your house.

Being water wise requires a collective effort and that is the reason the Livpure #CuttingPaani campaign asks for your support for this social and economical cause. Sign the #CuttingPaani petition now by clicking on this link.

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