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5 Ways You can Encourage Your Child Positively

Dec 28, 2017

In a social environment teeming with a range of emotions, thoughts and actions, it is important to keep a check on your child's psychological and physical growth. Helping your child in developing a caring nature and a positive attitude is critical to his or her success in life.

The best thing to do for inculcation of positivity in your child's life is to start with it early on. The Livpure #100DreamsOfYourngIndia campaign invites parents to share their kid's dreams and how they plan to help them.

Here are five ways you can encourage your kids positively in life.

Developing Self-Awareness


Self-awareness means recognition of our own emotions and taking actions based on them. You can start developing your child's self-awareness right from his or her infancy.

By responding positively to a child's cries, you will make them feel secure and safe. Help you kids in identifying and naming the emotions they are feeling as they grow up. This will release them from the emotional turmoil of understanding and regulating their own emotions.

Inculcating Self-Management


It is one of the most important life skills you can inculcate in your kids. Self-management has two aspects, one where you show your kids how to control their emotions and other where you inculcate habits of self-reliance. These abilities are very important for creating a positive mindset.

With emotional self-management, your child will be able to stay calm and make more considerate decisions in life. And with self-reliance, your child will embrace personal hygiene, developing an organised and methodological outlook.

Universal Empathy

A kinder heart is guided by good hope and positivity. By making your children aware of the efforts and plights of others in our society, you will make them more sincere and helping in nature.

Also, regular interactions with plants and animals (gardening, pets, etc.) will help your child understand the importance of nature in our lives.

Sense of Responsibility

Making positive choices with a responsible attitude defines an individual's success in life. People with a healthy sense of self-esteem, and an empathic nature, becomes a ray of hope for others around them.

Show appreciation for the little helps and accomplishments of your kids as they grow up. This will instill a sense of responsibility and ability in them, prompting them to help others and be successful.

Health and Fitness

Quite often, we forget the importance of a healthy mind when looking after our kids's physical well-being. The same is also true in reverse. If you are focused on your child's psychological development and in turn ignore their physical well-being, your child won't be able to cope.

Healthy diet, regular water intake, and exercises are a vital part of developing a positive outlook in life. When your child is fit and fine, he or she will show more interest and vigour for the life lessons you are teaching.


Join the Livpure #100DreamsOfYourngIndia campaign today and share your child's dream with us. With this campaign, you can share thoughts with like-minded parents around the country and contribute to India's future in a meaningful way. Livepure is offering free water purifiers for the top 100 dreams as a token of appreciation and contribution towards realization of their dreams.

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