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8 Simple Tricks For Avoiding Monsoon Illnesses

Sep 19, 2018

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A sudden change in weather always leaves our body playing catch-up to acclimatize to the new climatic conditions. Perhaps that’s why the arrival of monsoon season causes so many illnesses and health problems for us. The bacteria and viruses get a chance to attack our body while it is adjusting to the new topography.

Here we are sharing some simple tricks and trips that will help you avoid monsoon diseases and illnesses this rainy season.

  • If you get wet in the rain (intentionally or unintentionally), take shower immediately to wash off the acids and bacteria present in rain water. This will help you avoid skin infections and fever bouts.
  • Increase Vitamin C intake by consuming bitter vegetables, citrus fruits etc. to give an immunity boost to yourself and your family.
  • Avoid eating fish and meat during monsoons as this is the time when fish breed and meat can get spoiled easily. Both of which can cause stomach infections.
  • Use purified drinking water in the kitchen. While boiled water is generally used in homes, it doesn’t remove inorganic impurities. Use a good home water purifier for drinking and cooking water.
  • Keep your home dry and pestfree during the rainy season to avoid bacterial and fungal growth on furniture, food items and other nooks and crannies. Get damp places repaired before the rainy season to avoid the growth of household molds.
  • Clear out any waterlogging in old containers and your garden to minimize the chances of diseases like malaria and dengue. Use a powerful insect repellant if your area has pest and insect problem.
  • Remember to wash your hand and feet when returning home to ensure that any bacteria or virus you may have carried in is neutralized.
  • Do not enter an airconditioned room with wet hair or damp clothes as it may cause fever or cold. Also, moderate your home’s air conditioning units according to the temperatures instead of always running them on super low settings.

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