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Benefits of Drinking Water in Old Age

Jan 16, 2018

Our bodies need to be refueled and hydrated to function properly. This is the reason we eat food and consume beverages. Clean water is one of the most potent source of energy for our bodies, more so in old age, as it doesn't require digestive functions to activate, and delivers instant energy to the body.

However, many people do not drink enough water in old age and thus suffer from health issues such as light headedness, dizziness, nausea and general weakness of limbs. One reason why elders tend to avoid water is because it might mean more trips to the bathroom, especially during winter season. Persuade them otherwise, as drinking water is good even in old age.

Also, aging may reduce the sensation of thirst and so your elders may not realise their body's need for water. Furthermore, the older generation did not grow up with a bottle of water in their hands like most of us. So, drinking six to eight or more glasses of water is not intriguing enough for them. To overcome that, you can make it a habit to check on your beloved parents' water intake during the day.

You can also highlight the following benefits of drinking water to your elderly wards to inculcate the habit.

  • Water transfers nutrients to the cells throughout our body.
  • Water is essential for removing the wastes from our blood and out of our body through the kidneys.
  • Water regulates our body’s temperature through sweating and absorbing excess heat.
  • Water lubricates our joints and is beneficial for arthritis treatment.
  • Water helps our intestines process the food and ensures proper bowel movement.
  • If we don’t drink and eat enough water our bodies won't function properly.

Drinking Clean Water

It is also important to drink water from a clean source. Due to the rising water pollution, it is hard to get clean drinking water through our municipal water supply. Therefore, buying an RO + UV water purifier is a good idea. Home water purifiers ensure that your family has a regular supply of clean drinking water for preparing food and beverages, thus, keeping everyone energised and healthy.

Livpure Water Purifiers

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