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Buy A Water Purifier If You Have Canal Water Supply

Oct 09, 2018

Water canal

If you are living in the rural hinterland or semi-urban area near a mega city or in a small Indian town, chances are that your water supply contains canal water. Canals are basically man-made irrigation networks which are often used for drinking water supply where modern water supply networks do not exist.

Canal water is one of the major causes of diseases and epidemics in underdeveloped areas.

Since the canals are open, a lot of unregulated waste, excreta, dead animals, pesticides and other harmful pollutants get dumped in them, polluting the water. So, when this water is used for drinking and cooking, diseases follow.

If you are living in an area where canal water is still being used for drinking water supply, the first and foremost thing for you to do is to raise awareness among the people about the ill effects of drinking polluted water. Then, as a measure of protection you should buy a water purifier for your home.

Depending on your budget and electric supply in your area, you can choose from 3 types of home water purifiers.

Gravity based water purifiers are the cheapest to maintain and can be used without electricity. They use high-quality carbon filters and ultra-fine filters to ensure that most organic and in-organic impurities are cleansed from the drinking water.

RO water purifiers are the second best option for safeguarding your home from canal water pollution. These purifiers require electricity and use a very fine osmotic membrane to filter water. The membrane mas microscopic pores which allow only water molecules to pass through the filter and has additional filters like sediment filter and taste enhancers to make water fit for drinking and cooking. RO water purifiers are the most popular type of water purifiers in India.

Finally, RO+UV water purifiers are a new type of water purifier which use ultra-violet light to kill-off any bacteria and viruses that may otherwise escape the osmotic membrane and then filters the water using the reverse osmosis method. These water purifiers are best suited for use against canal water pollution because canal water has both organic and inorganic impurities and thus requires a thorough clean-up to make it fit for drinking.

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