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Claim independence from water pollution now

Nov 23, 2018

Water pollution has become a serious threat to the environment and ecology. The rapid rise in the pollution of ground water and water bodies such as lakes, rivers and oceans has caused major unrest among people who are trying to curb the issue of water pollution. Now, wPollution - Boy Covering face

The cause of water pollution is the waste from human activities released in water. Our industries, sewage systems etc. are all directed to water bodies or to the ground water through seepage. Chlorinated solvents commonly used in industry such as PCE, TCE, 1,1,1-TCA are examples of toxic chemicals that pollute our waters exclusively due to our activities. Another example is MTBE (Methyl-tert-butyl-ether), a gasoline oxygenate. The chemical and biological agents represent the main causes of water pollution and are generically referred to as water pollutants. 

Water bodies become easily polluted despite their size or location. This includes lakes from remote areas or huge water bodies or even ground water. This is due to the air transportation of pollutant particles and their transfer into the rain water or water vapour. The groundwater and surface water consist of swimming pools, ponds, lakes, creeks, rivers, seas, and oceans that may all become polluted at some point. 

Human beings are exposed to polluted water on a daily basis. Whether it is drinking water or water for domestic use in bathrooms and kitchens, the use of water is prominent in all human activities. Unclean and impure drinking water and domestic use water can cause a lot of medical problems for human beings. The only way to claim independence from the effects of water pollution is to consume and use purified water.

You can install a water purifier from the extensive range of Livpure water purifiers that use the latest technology to provide you with the cleanest and safest drinking water. Livpure offers RO water purifiers, UV water purifiers, and Gravity water purifiers starting at 1,799 INR only. The company has also introduced Domestic water treatment systems that provide you water that is free from dirt, iron and hardness.

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