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Cleaning Bacteria And Organic Matter From Your Water Supply

Sep 20, 2018

Drainage pipes near river

During the monsoons your local water bodies get a lot of excess water through drainage. This new water is unclean water because it travels through polluted urban and rural landscapes before entering your local water body. Now, if your municipal administration is using the same water body for sourcing the local water supply, you may end up having contaminated water supply in your home.

Generally, the water that is contaminated by organic matter like bacteria and viruses has a musty, earthen smell. Moreover, If the water has been contaminated with toxic wastes, it will also give off a pungent industrial smell and taste bitter. The first thing to do when you detect polluted water in your supply is to contact the municipal body and let them know of the issue. Also, let your neighbors and near and dear ones know of the problem to create mass awareness.

Secondly, take steps to ensure that your household has a clean water supply. The age-old method of boiling is one way to go, but it is quite cumbersome to boil water every time you need a sip and not very effective against modern bacterial threats as well.

Getting a home water purifier is another.

Home water purifiers come with a number of in-built filters that can remove over 99% of the impurities from your water supply. RO Water Purifiers have been the mainstay of Indian homes with polluted water supply for several decades now.

Newer technologies like UV water filtration offer even more protection from bacteria and organic matter in the water. The UV bulb kills off all such micro-organisms and make water 100% safe for drinking.

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