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Cooking tips that avoid wastage of water

Jun 29, 2018

While in the kitchen, we sometimes take water for granted. We tend to utilize more water than we need while preparing our favourite dishes. By realizing how much water we might be misusing, we can make the first step towards conserving water at home. Here are some cooking tips that can prevent you from wasting water at home.

Rinse fruits and vegetables in a bowl

Stop washing produce under running water. Running taps can waste around 15 litres of water per minute. Instead, you can rinse and scrub fruits and vegetables in a bowl or a sink full of water.

Defrosting food in the refrigerator or microwave

Thawing frozen foods and meats by placing them under a running tap is also a big no-no. By flash heating food in a microwave, or leaving it in the refrigerator can help unfreeze food quickly as well.

Use smaller pots for boiling

Often times we use more water than is required while boiling vegetables or pasta. By using smalling water pots to boil, you can pour enough water that covers the food completely. To prevent evaporation or the food from drying out you can place a lid on the pot and stir at regular intervals while boiling.

Steam your veggies instead of boiling them

Invest in a steamer instead of utilising boiling pots. Steaming only uses less than a cup rather a few cups of water. You can also use a steamer basket and use it inside a pot.

Make one-pot meals

One pot meals such as pastas, pulao, noodles & stews are easy to prepare and easy to clean up after. Not to mention, there are fewer dishes to clean and lesser water to be used.

Reuse the water used for cooking

After boiling, you can use sprinkle the leftover unsalted water on your plants or garden instead of wasting precious fresh water.

You can save almost around 10 litres of water a day while cooking. You can follow these tips and become a water ambassador. How have you saved water in your locality? We would love to hear your story here:

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