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Dealing With The Increase In Water pollution after the festive rush

Jan 09, 2019

Water Pollution in a water body

Now that we are past the more hectic interval in the winter festive season, it is time to look at the impact it has had on our general health and fitness, and how the pollution from these festivities can linger inside our homes.

We know that festive celebrations are responsible for a general increase in air pollution around the country. But did you know that there is an increase in water pollution as well after the festivities have concluded?

This water pollution is caused by dumping of festive waste such as dry flowers, food scraps, packaging material and firework debris into rivers, lakes and ponds. As these water bodies are often the source of our municipal water supply, the waste re-enters our homes in the form of polluted water, causing damage to our health and fitness.

There are two ways in which we can protect ourselves from this form of water pollution

  1. 1. The first step is to make community level efforts that discourage the use of crackers during festive celebrations. Responsible dumping of wastage and campaigning for proper waste disposal by municipal administration is the next step. In this case, concentrated effort and awareness of issues related to environmental pollution are needed. By reducing the waste that is created by such huge celebrations, we can reduce the pollution in our water bodies.


  1. 2. Adopting smart home technologies like RO water purifiers for individual and family protection. RO water purifiers are the most effective technology existing for home and office use. These units come with an osmotic membrane with microscopic pores to filter water. The membrane only allows the water molecules to pass through and thus cleans over 99 percent of the inorganic impurities from tap water. Thus, buying a water purifier for your home or office before the festive rush begins or even after the festive rush can have a very positive effect on your household’s health and fitness.

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