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Did You Know? Breathing In Delhi Is Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes

Jan 04, 2019

Air Pollution - No to Smoking Cigarettes

The white haze of smog that is covering the national capital region is worse than smoking two packs of cigarettes every day. According to an independent research, the concentration of PM2.5 particles in Delhi’s air is so high that it can bypass our body’s natural mechanisms and reach critical organs like the brain and heart. The nasal filtration and lungs cannot cope with high concentration of particulate matter for too long. All of this is happening because of the smog.

Smog is a recurring phenomenon for the residents of Delhi NCR. Every year, the thick white haze descends the capital and the government of the day is left scrambling for solutions. The public health advisories have also remained more or less the same over the years. Which means that this problem is here to stay until and unless drastic measures are taken at the administrative level.

Smog is caused by the release of vehicular and industrial smoke, dust particles, and other airborne toxins like formaldehyde and nitrogen oxide. During summers, these particles rise up with the hot air and leave our ambient environment to some extent. But in winter, the air movement stagnates because of the cooler weather, hence the pollutants also remain in our immediate surroundings. When this toxic air comes into contact with heavy smoke that arises from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh due to seasonal stubble burning, the air becomes heavier and thick white smog is formed.

Therefore countering the problem of air pollution in Delhi means taking care of all these problems that cause smog. We need to reduce vehicular and industrial emissions, clean up dust and debris more effectively through municipal systems and find an alternative to stubble burning for farmers.

Safety measures for residents of Delhi

While the public and government discourse on pollution continues, there is a need for immediate relief for the people as well. Here, smart home technologies like air purifiers and water purifiers can help communities in living a healthier and happier life. These technologies are a result of years of innovation and research and provide veritable relief from the harmful effects of environmental pollution. For example, air purifier with HEPA filters can remove over 99 percent of ambient air pollutants within 15 minutes.

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