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Drink More Water to Avoid Dry Hair and Dry Skin this Winter

Jan 28, 2019

Women Drinking Pure Water

Initially, the shift from warm weather to cooler temperatures of winters is quite enjoyable. You enjoy the cosy feeling inspired by sweaters and jackets and waking up to the brisk winter air. But the flip side of the approaching winter is that cold air, central heating, increasing winds, and less humidity means that your skin and hair begin to dry out, leading to dull skin, an itchy scalp. And when you don’t think you look your best, you do not feel your best as well.

As our skin is designed to protect us from infection, illness, and allergens, it is the first thing that gets affected by a change in weather conditions. So, today we are sharing a bunch of things that you can do to insulate yourself from the dry climate of winters. 


The water content of your skin drops with a drop in ambient humidity levels. So, you need a heavier moisturiser to counter the drop in environmental moisture. Select a moisturiser that suits your skin-type. Consult a dermatologist if you need to. Pick a moisturizer that is oil-based rather than water-based, as it will provide long-lasting protection for your skin.

Winter Hair Care

Just like your skin, your hair also gets dry and frizzy during winter. There is an increase in flyaway hair and split ends due to lack of humidity. So, your hair also needs moisturising to protect it from blow drying in outside air. Using coconut oil and apple cider vinegar and baking soda to treat your hair during winters will help in retaining their natural lustre and look. You can search for other home remedies as well to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Stay Hydrated

It is essential to keep your hydration levels up during the chillier months. Drinking more water not only makes you feel great, but it also helps in removing toxins from your system, giving your skin a healthy glow. Buy a water purifier with reverse osmosis purification to ensure that the water you are using for drinking and cooking is free from organic and inorganic pollutants to further enhance the effect of hydration.

Bath with Lukewarm Water

It is tempting to turn up the water heater during winters to make the showers extra toasty. But, hot water actually dehydrates your skin and hair, so you should avoid soaking yourself in hot-water baths and using hot-water showers. On the other hand, a comfortably warm bath seals in the skin’s moisture, and is refreshing for both skin and hair.

These are just some of the things you can try to keep your skin and hair healthy during winters. Share your thoughts on this blog with us, and tell us how you keep your skin and hair healthy during fall and winter at

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