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Eating Healthy During The Monsoon Season In India

Sep 18, 2018

How to eat healthy during monsoon

The arrival of monsoon season brings a welcome respite from the summer heat and that’s why we await the rainy season with such ecstatic eagerness. However, the damp weather conditions during monsoons reduce the body’s natural resistance to diseases and may cause prolonged health and fitness issues if you are not being careful.

Health problems such as allergies, infections, indigestion, diarrhoea, cold and cough are common during the rainy season. Moreover diseases like malaria, dengue, typhoid, viral fever etc. can also inflict needless discomfort during monsoons.

Today we are sharing diet tips that will help you stay healthy during the monsoon season in India.

What to avoid eating?

First and foremost, the excitement of monsoon rains generally brings with it a lot of unhealthy food. It becomes hard to resist the temptations of fried street food during the rainy season. The street food, generally kept in open containers, is more susceptible to spoiling because of the moist weather and you should avoid it.

You should also avoid eating too much of seasonal fruits like mangoes and water melons. Mangoes heat the body and can cause stomach infections and pimples. Similarly, water melon increases the water retention in your stomach, which makes you feel bloated and full all the time.

If you drink alcohol regularly, avoid whisky and rum during monsoons. These drinks may leave you dehydrated without you realising it due to the humid weather.

What to eat?

Eat fruits like apples, pomegranates and citrus fruits to keep your body’s immunity in tip-top shape. On the grains and veggies front, consume green leafy vegetables, wheat, barley, horse gram etc. to ensure your body is getting adequate fibre. You can also go for piping hot soups to keep your immunity levels high.

Drink a lot of water and fresh juices to keep your body hydrated. It is very important to maintain your body’s water levels because the humid weather doesn’t let us realise thirst. Drink wine instead of alcohol as it gives you some protection from infections.

Since, a lot of bacterial and virus elements are floating around during the monsoons, it is also better to buy a home water purifier to ensure clean drinking and cooking water for your home.

We hope you find these tips useful for staying healthy during the ongoing monsoon season and enjoy the rains as much as you should.

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