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Getting Rid Of Foul Odours During The Monsoon Season

Oct 01, 2018

Foul odour


Have you ever noticed that all kinds of smells pervade your home and office environment during the rainy season? The reason why these smells and foul odours are so noticeable during the monsoons is the humid air. The air has more water in it and hence the bacterial, viral and chemical elements responsible for smells are able to survive longer and travel farther.

These foul odours can be really off putting if you are exposed to them for long time or regularly and can even cause mental stress, nausea and headaches. They may also trigger any underlying health condition such as asthma, blood pressure problems and more.

If the foul odours are pervading your office space then they may cause you and your employees or colleagues to lose concentration and hence, productivity. Getting rid of these foul odours is thus, essential.

So, how do we get rid of these foul smells?

Dustbin foul odour

The first thing to do is quite natural. You need to find out the source of the smell. If it’s a spill on the carpeting, an open bin or sink hole, food spoilage, a chemical source like new paint etc. you can take preventive measures like clean up and ventilation to remove the smells. However, sometimes these smells simply refuse to go away because they have seeped into the upholstery of the ambient space. In such instances, a comprehensive clean-up of the carpets, curtains, and other soft surfaces plus a clean-up of the air is needed.

To clean up the air, you can buy an indoor air purifier which comes with special filters to permanently remove the odour inducing elements from the air. The way an air purifier works is quite simple, it continuously recycles the air inside a room to remove the particles that are causing the smell, releasing fresh air instead. After a while all smell particles will be removed and you will have fresh air to breathe in.

If there is an external source to the smell such as nearby drain or dirty river, the air purifier will start removing the new odour inducing particles as soon as they enter the ambient space.

So, are you too troubled by foul odours? Then, buy an air purifier today to get rid of it.

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