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Health Benefits of Drinking Water before Sleeping

Aug 28, 2017

Water is vital for the functioning of our organs and for our good health. Our body weight is 60% water and it is said that we need to drink at least 2 litres of clean and pure water every day. This can be done by getting a good quality water purifier installed in your home. It is also said that we need to drink a glass of water before we sleep.

However, if you have a kidney or heart ailment, you shouldn’t be having water before you sleep since this will exert excess pressure on your kidney and you might want to wake up in the middle of the night to empty your bladder. Such people should consume water 2 hours before sleeping and use the restroom before going to sleep. If you don’t belong to this category, it is beneficial to drink water before you sleep. Check out the 5 benefits of drinking water before sleeping.


1) Hydrates your body while you’re sleeping

Our body requires ample amount of water to function optimally. Drinking water before you go to sleep replenishes the water lost during the day and keeps your body well-hydrated. Since the body is at rest while you’re sleeping, you do not lose fluids from the body and you can sleep better as well.


2) Helps in burning calories

Yes, you heard right, drinking water before you sleep, helps in burning calories. What’s more? Drinking a glass of cold water means that your body has to work extra hard to warm itself and increases the rate of metabolism to burn calories. If you can’t bring yourself to drink cold water, you can have a glass of regular water and this will also help you burn calories and aid in your weight loss journey.


3) Helps you sleep better

Drinking adequate amount of water helps your body restore the balance of vitamins and minerals. When you drink water before you sleep, your body is hydrated and your muscles and joints are in a state of relaxation. This will help you sleep soundly and you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So, make sure you drink a glass of water before you sleep every day.


4) Helps your body get rid of toxins

It is a known fact that water helps your body flush out toxins and removes the impurities present in the blood. Drinking ample amount of water means that all your organs are functioning optimally and your skin will be clear and healthy as well. Water aids in digestion lubricates the digestive tract and prevents constipation as well. Drinking water before you sleep aids in the digestion process and will make you feel more energetic in the morning.


5) Restores the balance in your body

Having a glass of water before you sleep ensures that your muscles, joints are well-lubricated and your energy levels and hormones are balanced as well. While your body is sleeping, the water will reach every part of your body and replenish the lost nutrients.

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