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How a Clean Kitchen Helps in Keeping Your Family Healthy

Nov 20, 2018

Clean Kitchen

A clean kitchen minimises the possibility of contracting foodborne diseases and helps in keeping your family safe. Since, there are a lot of things in a kitchen which are susceptible to spoilage, such as fruits, vegetables, cooking ingredients, and drinking and cooking water, it becomes even more important to keep your kitchen, germ-free.

Here are some tips for keeping your kitchen clean.

  • - Use hot water with soap to clean countertops, work surfaces and other flat surfaces in your kitchen. Hot water kills germs and the soap removes their dead cells.
  • - Clean the nooks and crannies around your oven and gas burners to ensure that stray pieces of food are not left spoiling in there.
  • - Always clean up accidentally spilled food immediately.
  • - Don’t let dirty utensils to pile up in the kitchen sink. The leftover food spoils quickly due to moisture and water and may release pathogens in the air. Wash food bits and oils off the sponge after you are done.
  • - Wash the dish towels and other kitchen cloths regularly to keep germs away.
  • - Empty the kitchen bin every day as it may cause germination and foul odours inside your kitchen.
  • - Ensure proper ventilation inside the kitchen by installing an electronic chimney or an exhaust fan, as fumes from cooking often settle on surfaces and cause germination.

Apart from cleaning thoroughly, it is also important to store your ingredients in a clean and hygienic way. Use air-tight containers to store food and ingredients. Get a bigger fridge to store items like pulses, powders, and flavouring liquids. Buy a water purifier to ensure that the water you are using for drinking and cooking is clean. Modern water purifiers are made from food-grade plastics which also have germ resistant features, making them a better alternative to earthen pots and steel utensils.

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