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How a mineraliser in your RO can enhance water nutrition

Nov 13, 2018

Nutritional water

Did you know, that the packaged water sold commercially is not mineral water but filtered tap water?

Mineral water is water from a natural source such as a spring, which has dissolved salts and Sulphur compounds in it. Misleading marketing by many packaged drinking water providers has led to the general misconception that the packaged water bottles contain mineral water. However, in reality these bottles only have a filtered tap water.

Unlike packaged drinking water, mineral water has health benefits because of the natural nutrients that are present in it. But with the polluting of most fresh water bodies around the globe, getting pure mineral water has become increasingly difficult, which in turn has driven up its cost. So, smart home technology makers – like Livpure – thought of making mineralized water available by adding minerals and salts to purified water, hence creating the mineralizer water filter.

As you know, a home water purifier from a trusted brand can remove almost all impurities present in water, making it safe for drinking and cooking. This purified water is almost a pure H2O mixture. Now, with an additional mineralizing filter, smart home product makers can seed healthy nutrients like Sulphur compounds, and natural salts in the purified drinking water.

Here are some benefits of drinking mineral water that should prompt you to buy a water purifier with mineralizer.

  • - Mineralized water has natural calcium component which is good for bone health and growth.
  • - Mineralized water is also a very healthy source of calorie-free nutrition and hence helps in cutting down body fat.
  • - Dissolved solids like calcium and magnesium in mineralized water also ensure healthy electrolytic process which is essential for regulating the blood pressure.
  • - Mineralized water also contains Sulfates, which act as catalysts for the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes, thus helping in nutrition and reducing acidity.
  • - Mineralized water also has silica particles which give you a naturally glowing skin.

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