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How clean water contributes to your child's growth

Nov 08, 2017

We know that drinking water regularly helps in keeping us healthy and fit. Now, research has found evidence that clean drinking water and proper sanitation can also help in the growth of children under the age of five.

It has been documented that clean water, sanitation, and hygiene helps to reduce the cases of diarrhoea - a fatal disease for under fives all over the world. The new report suggests that clean water and sanitation can indeed ensure proper growth in children. As most developing countries face the problem of stunted growth in children, the report gains even more significance.

Water as a nourishment

Water is very important for our survival, as it makes up 70% of our bodies. Doctors recommend that kids aged 4-13 years should drink 6-8 glasses of fluids during a day. Younger kids can be given their fluids in relatively small servings of 150-200 ml. Here is how water can be used to keep our kids healthy and hydrated.

• Giving your child plain water or naturally unsweetened drinks is the best way keep them hydrated.

• Children who are more active or take part in sports and games will need to replenish their body's water supply, so keeping a water bottle handy is a good idea.

• Clean drinking water is one of the best ways to hydrate your kid without giving him/her extra calories.

Certain researchers have also concluded that children with adequate hydration may perform better in studies. Water from clean sources such as RO water purifiers also helps in keeping your kids' teeth healthy. Here are some health facts to have a look at,

• Water helps in transferring nutrients from the digestive system to the cells.

• Water is also responsible for cleaning wastes from the internal organs.

• As sweat, water helps in stabilising the body's temperature.

Help your kids in developing a taste for water

Kids often ask for soft drinks and sweetened drinks, which are not very good for their health. You can help your kids in developing a taste of water by creating some homemade water drinks. For starters, you can add some lemon or mint leaves to make the water drink look exciting for your kids.

If you are getting water from public water works, it is advisable that you buy a water purifier for providing clean drinking water to your kids and family. RO filters are the most effective water purifying technology available today. You can browse the Livpure products page to know more about our water purifying methods, here.


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