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How clean water is important for your pet's health

Nov 01, 2017

We love our pets for their affection and the sheer comfort and happiness offered by their presence. Taking care of a pet is akin to having a child of our own, and their well being is of paramount importance for pet owners.

As we know, our bodies are made of 70% water content, so are the bodies of our pets. And since they are up to something all the time, they need a regular supply of food and water to stay hydrated and active.

A common mistake made by pet owners

As we need regular drinking water, so do our pets, and the benefits of drinking water regularly also apply to our pets.

Pet owners often forget to refill the water bowl of their pets regularly – they generally do it when feeding the pet. This makes the pet accustomed to getting water only with its food, and we see that most pets drink water quite frantically.


But the biology of our pets is different



Dogs need water in proportion to their body weight. A dog weighing 5 Kgs requires just over a cup of water daily. You can take that as a parameter to decide the drinking water needs of your dog. However, the water requirement of your dog may vary based on the type of breed, the weather and its activity levels. Puppies generally drink more water than adult dogs.

If your dog is drinking more water than he normally should, that can also be indicative of a health issue, and you need to ring your vet asap.


A cat's size and activity determines the water it drinks. In general, a cat requires 60 ml of water per kilogram of its weight per day. But again, factors such as diet (solids or liquids) and its health may bring about a change in the pattern.

In India, we tend to include milk in our household kitty's diet, therefore monitoring its daily water intake can be tricky at times. You can use a measuring cup while refilling the water bowl to take exact measures.

Other Pets:


If you own a bird or tortoise or any other furry friend, consult your vet to determine the water you should be feeding it.

Clean water for your pets

We often fill up our pet's water bowl with tap water. Since the ill effects of water pollution are well documented, it is necessary that you abandon this practice. Always use water from your RO water purifier or other clean sources to fill in your pet's water bowl. Also, make sure that you clean the bowl before every refill.


RO water is enriched with electrolytes and doesn't contain arsenic and metal content, thus it ensures your pet's tummy stays clean. It also helps with their digestion and protects their kidney function.

So, to ensure the #sampurnasuraksha of your pet, start keeping tabs on its water intake and make sure you are using clean drinking water instead of tap water.

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