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How Diwali celebrations affect the environment around us?

Oct 19, 2017

All geared up for the Diwali celebrations? Well, this year we are hoping to change the way we have always celebrated the festival of lights, and we hope that you would like to be a part of this initiative.

As we all know the seasons around us are changing and what used to be winters, during Diwali, has now become more of a late summer. Environmental pollution has become a real challenge to our health, well-being and prosperity – the things that we celebrate on this auspicious festival.

Here we are sharing some important pointers to showcase the impact of these celebrations, and some measures we can take to help the environment and our near and dear ones to have a safer Diwali.

Excessive waste of energy: As we all know, electricity is a crucial resource for a developing country like ours, and while a spike in demand for energy is justifiable during the festive season, we should also take some pro-active measures to minimize its wastage.

The reason for this is not just economical, but also environmental, since we are generating most of our energy from coal and gas-powered plants, which results in tremendous air and water pollution.

These lights also generate a lot of heat, which we may not feel in our air cooled homes but the impact on other life forms such as plant, trees, birds and smaller mammals has been well documented over the years.

The invisible threats from fireworks: Naysayers will quickly point out that it's only a day of celebration and that we pollute the environment every day with vehicles and industry. But then what better place to start our crusade against pollution than from the festival of happiness and prosperity?

Fireworks cause the plant leaves to shrink and become dull. This is caused due to the huge release of gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Fireworks set off near trees can also cause burn damage to the tree's ecosystem or in severe cases, start a fire, destroying a natural source of oxygen.

Fireworks that use aerial pyrotechnics can also destroy and injure insects, birds and arboreal creatures such as squirrels.

Dangers to the infants, elderly and pets: The release of gases also has a harmful effect on the health of our family and pets. Especially those with underdeveloped or weaker immune systems such as the infants and elderly members are affected the most from the gases released from burning of potassium nitrate, sulphur and charcoal based crackers.

These noxious fumes irritate the air passage of humans and animals, prompting allergies and respiratory problems. And, if higher species like humans and dogs can get affected by allergies caused due to air pollution from crackers, do insects and birds even stand a chance?

Noise pollution is dangerous as well: Believing that the sound just goes away is also a misconception. Animals, and especially birds, are severely affected by the noise pollution because of their elevated hearing abilities.

Dogs can hear seven times louder than humans which means the booming cracker which leaves you awed must sound like an atomic explosion to your pet. Therefore, it is not uncommon for pets to get lost during Diwali as the animals look for shelter from all the noise and ruckus.

Celebrate Diwali with Sampurna Suraksha

We can take some effective steps against pollution by opting for Eco-friendly Diwali celebrations. You can read our blog for Eco-friendly tips for Diwali, here. You can also encourage people in your society, your family and friends to support you in this initiative. In the meanwhile, take effective steps for countering air and water pollution by following simple life hacks available on the internet, and investing in home products like air purifiers and RO water filters.

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