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How Drinking Clean Warm Water Helps Your Body During Winters?

Nov 20, 2017

When drinking water, most of us prefer it cold, even during winters. However, there is evidence in the Ayurvedic texts that drinking warm water can have a healing effect on our bodily functions.

Drinking warm water helps body during winter


Doctors also recommend drinking a glass of warm water in the morning, generally with lemon drops or green tea. In this post, we are listing the health benefits of drinking clean warm water during winters.

Helps with Digestion

Warm water helps in cleansing your stomach of toxins and wastes, thus, drinking a warm cup of water in the morning is especially beneficial.

Our digestive system uses water to break down the food we ingest and transfer the energy to cells. Drinking cold water with meals hardens the food that enters our system, thus making the digestive system work harder for breaking down the food. Replacing cold water with a glass of clean and warm, RO water will help your system in digesting the food easily.

Helps in Avoiding Constipation

Drinking warm water from a clean source such as an RO water purifier also aids in your bowl movement. One of the main causes of constipation is the lack of water in our body. As mentioned above, having warm water in mornings removes the toxins from our stomach and kickstarts bowl movement by breaking down the waste stuck in our intestines.

Helps with Body Pains

Drinking warm water is one of the best home remedies for alleviating pain from muscle cramps, headaches, menstruation, etc. Hot liquids are known to increase blood flow, thus helping in muscle relaxation. Warm water provides a calming warmth to our body muscles, relaxing them and easing spasms and cramps.

Helps with Blood Circulation

Warm water stimulates blood circulation in our body by breaking down fat deposits in our body, which in turn results in the removal of toxins present in our system, and improving our general health.

Glowing Skin

When warm water removes the toxins in our body, it ensures that our body functions align perfectly with each other. This and a perfect blood flow ensures that our body parts receive their due to nutrition. This means our skin cells become healthier and stop ageing prematurely.

Drinking warm water regularly during winters will not only boost your health but will also strengthen your immune system against winter diseases such as influenza. But do note that drinking hot water is not recommended. Boil the water from your RO purifier to a lukewarm temperature, so that you can easily drink it in sips.

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