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How Human Activities are Affecting the Underground Water

Jan 22, 2018

Pollution and global warming are the talk of the town these days. In the past few years, the world as a whole as woken up to the rising menace of environmental pollution, leading to governmental and community level efforts to curb air, water and land pollution.

This awareness about pollution has also made us adapt to conscious lifestyle choices such as healthy living, buying water purifiers and air purifiers and investing in other green technologies.

In this post, we enumerate the effects of human activities on underground water sources.

Agricultural Development of Land

It has had very significant impact on the underground water levels around the globe. The clearing out of land for agricultural development has not only diverted traditional source of underground water replenishment, such as over ground streams and rivulets, but has also caused a significant reduction in underground water levels through bore well use.

Irrigation of large swaths of land through underground water sources has completely dried many underground streams and water deposits.

Use of Pesticides

Use of agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and insecticides has left the underground water bodies near croplands polluted with poisonous substances such as ammonium and nitrate.

Urban Development

Urban development is another cause of underground water pollution or drainage. Huge quantities of water is required for mega city projects, which again is sourced from bore wells, causing underground water index to drop in urban areas.

Also, improper treatment of sewage and urban wastes causes nearby rivers and streams to get polluted, for e.g. River Yamuna in Delhi. This polluted water seeps through the riverbed and in turn pollutes underground water.

Industrial Wastes

Similar to agricultural and urban wastes, industrial activities also produce a large number of pollutants which are soluble in water. These pollutants are either dumped on land or in water sources nearby, which eventually enter the underground water bodies.

Concluding Thoughts

As responsible citizens, we must take up the cause of water conservation and preservation seriously. This is the only way to ensure a happy and healthy future for the generations to come.

Health and safety of our loved ones is also important in these troubled times. Therefore, buying RO water purifiers for drinking and cooking water supply is highly recommended. You can also get a water purifier for office to ensure clean drinking water for everyone.

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