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How Livpure is Transforming the Water Purification Industry

Feb 02, 2018

Today, the importance of clean drinking water is being realised by people all over the world. Multinational Companies and governments are joining hands for initiatives that promote water conservation and preservation.

The Indo-Israeli Innovation Bridge, a bi-lateral platform, is one such platform that allows startups to showcase their ideas in the fields of Agriculture, Water and Digital Health technologies. As India's leading water purifier brand, Livpure is an industry partner for the annual event. In this role, the company provides financial and technological assistance to the participants for commercialisation of their innovations.

The Water Challenge at the most recent India-Israel Innovation Bridge saw 800 participants from both countries. The Water Challenge seeks ideas for affordable water purification and conservation technologies. Livpure was part of the joint panel of judges for the Water Challenge at India-Israel Innovation Bridge. The company was accorded this position due to its phenomenal work for the advancement of water purification products in India.

Livpure water purifiers have been lauded time and again for their futuristic design and functionality. Features such as WiFi enabled automatic maintenance, water taste control and smartphone app controls, give Livpure water purifiers an edge over other water purifier brands in India. What's more? All these innovations were introduced by the Livpure R&D team after thorough market research and listening to customer complaints and feedback.

Contributing to the event, Livpure took the lead in offering support to budding entrepreneurs and companies working for water purification and conservation. The company awarded cash rewards worth 5 Million Indian Rupees to the top 5 entrants in the Water Challenge.

However, this is not the first time that Livpure has come forward to support entrepreneurship and innovation. Livpure has been regularly investing in early-stage startups to provide deep capabilities in manufacturing, go-to-market, branding and distribution. Till date, the company has invested in 30+ startups in India, US, Israel and Singapore.

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