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How Safe is Tap Water in Metro Cities of India?

May 18, 2018

Not very, is the short answer to the question.

Indian cities are undergoing rapid modernization, industrial centres are cropping left, right and centre around them and the urban population is rising at unprecedented levels. All this has stressed the infrastructure of India’s metro cities and large urban centres.

The municipal corporations or water boards which are responsible for supplying clean drinking water are ill-equipped for the task, and thus it has fallen upon homeowners to invest in water safety measures such as home water purifiers and packaged drinking water supplies in offices.

It is not completely unsafe either

As mentioned above, while the tap water is not completely safe, that does not mean that all water being supplied by municipal water works is contaminated.

The thing is the water supplied by urban water works is sourced from different local water bodies. It may be that one water source may have a higher concentration of organic or inorganic pollutants than others, hence the area being serviced through that particular source will receive inferior drinking water.

Municipal bodies also use in-house water filtration and disinfection before supplying it, so you can at least keep drinking this water for now.

Buying a Water Purifier

Well, to be 100% sure of getting clean drinking and cooking water for your home, you can buy a home water purifier. RO water purifiers are the best when it comes to filtering inorganic contaminants.

Water quality checking devices are readily available in the market. You can find out the quality of your tap water by performing a simple TDS check.

In case, your water supply contains organic contaminants and harmful pathogens, buying an RO+UV water purifiers will be more beneficial. UV water purifiers use radiation to kill microscopic organisms present in the water.

If you are living in a metro city and the water from your tap has an earthly smell, it is most likely due to the presence of organic elements in it.

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