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How to clear the air pollutants from your home after Diwali

Oct 27, 2017

Every Indian home is cleaned before Diwali to mark the auspicious arrival of Goddess Laxmi, and we celebrate the festival of lights with beautiful decoration and trappings in our homes. However, cleaning our house after Diwali is also important, the reason being – several air borne pollutants enter our homes during the festivities. These pollutants may remain lodged in our homes for a long time and affect the health of our children, pets and elders, not to mention our own well-being too.

Here we have several tips and tricks that will help you in cleaning out these pollutants from home after the Diwali celebrations are over.


Start by removing the indoor decorations

The post Diwali cleaning should start with removal of decorative item such as flower garlands, paper ornaments, lanterns, diyas and string lights. The reason being, these items can retain a lot of dust and other pollutants over time, and decorative flowers can also aid in bacterial and fungal growths.

Clean the house with vacuum cleaner

Sofas, carpets and floor mats would have gathered a lot of dust and lint due to increased footfall inside your home during Diwali. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, pet dander and other pollutants from household upholstery. This will reduce the risk of these pollutants becoming airborne.

Use wet mops to clear out settled dust

Some dust particles and pollutants such as VOCs lodge themselves between the lines separating floor tiles and corners. Use wet mops dipped in a good floor cleaning solution to remove these pollutants. Rinse the mop after 5 to 10 wipes to make the process more effective.

Removing oil stains, toxic dust from crackers, etc.

It is important to remove oil patches and stains from spills during Diwali festivities. This will not only help in preventing any permanent damage to your floor and walls but is also important from a child and elderly safety perspective as these surfaces can become excessively slippery.

Similarly, dust from crackers can be very harmful if ingested. Clean the area where cracker supplies were kept thoroughly to remove these particles.

Keep the home air purifier on for extra hours

After Diwali, the polluted air in our outer and inner environments takes a while to clear out. Add to that the increased dusting and cleaning you will be doing, and you might have a lot of particulate matter pollutants floating around in your home. Therefore, keeping your air purifier on for an overtime is a good idea.

If you do not own a home air filtration unit, Livpure offers some of the best home and office air purifiers, you can check them out online.

These are some basic tips, which help you post Diwali house cleaning and reducing the risks of indoor air pollution. We welcome your inputs on our sampurna suraksha blogs. You can share your own tips for cleaning homes after Diwali in the comments below.

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