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How to Make Use of the Water saved by #CuttingPaani

Mar 06, 2018

The #CuttingPaani is a initiative  we have developed based on the cutting chai culture of Mumbai. The savvy Mumabikars have found a way to have a quick tea break when the boss is not looking. It also saves one from gulping down a cupful of liquid when all that they needed was a few sips to refresh the senses. The #CuttingPaani campaign implements the Mumbaiya concept for saving drinking water.

Quite often we leave the dinner table or a restaurant, leaving behind half-empty glasses or bottles of water. This water is eventually dumped either in the kitchen sink or the dish washers of the restaurant. Since it is clean drinking water we are talking about, we end up polluting it regardless of our intention.

By asking for #CuttingPaani, meaning the only the amount of water you can comfortably drink, you can save a lot of water. This saved water can be used for providing drinking water to others who visit

a restaurant or cafe, or to yourself and your guests at home. Additionally, it also helps you avoid those frequent fridge bottle refills your mom keeps reminding you about.

The #CuttingPaani initiative also suggests ways you can use the leftover water from your glasses and water bottles. For example, you can;

  • Use the leftover water for gardening and watering indoor plants.
  • Use it for wet mopping floors and surfaces, given that you have added a good disinfectant first.
  • Store it in a container to drink later or prepare a refreshing drink.
  • Use it to fill your pet's water bowl.

By adopting water wise ways, you are not only helping the planet and its people, but also helping in national development; as water conservation and preservation are among the prime challenges faced by modern nation states today.

Have some interesting water saving methods of your own? Join the Livpure #CuttingPaani campaign by signing the petition here and share your ideas with a community of water wise individuals.

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