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How To Remove The Musty Smell From Your Car’s Cabin

Oct 04, 2018

Musty Smell From Car's Cabin

Car cabin smells are a common problem for vehicle owners. These smells become more of a problem during the rainy season. It is because the increased moisture in the air seeps-in your car’s upholstery such as the carpeting and seat fabrics. If the moisture contains odour inducing chemical and organic elements, then the smell become a permanent phenomenon inside your car.

So, what causes the smells?

Anything from food spills, cigarette smoke, pet dander and sweat, vomits etc. can be the root cause of the smell. Any past soiling of the car’s interior may also become apparent as the moisture reactivates odour inducing elements.

Even your parking location can be a cause. If your car is parked in damp conditions the outdoor smells settle on the air filter and enter the car’s cabin through the air conditioning unit or blower.

How to get rid of the smells?

Well, the first step is to clean up the car’s cabin. Professional cleaners can dry clean the car’s fabrics to remove the debris that are causing the smell. Getting the air filter replaced is also recommended since it becomes soiled after prolonged exposure to moisture. Moreover, the air filter is simply not equipped for dealing with the smells so get a car air purifier with activated carbon filter.

The car air purifier is one of the most useful car accessories in the market today. It not only removes the odour by filtering the cabin air and freezing out the odour causing particles, but also removes excess moisture, particulate matter, hair, dander and dust from the cabin’s air. Thus, providing comprehensive protection from air pollution in general. It can be quite useful for your health if you are regularly travelling through rush-hour traffic of metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore.

Which car air purifier to buy?

A car air purifier needs to be small yet efficient to save up space inside your car’s cabin. Livpure car air purifier is a good choice if you are looking for one. It has an attractive design and looks futuristic mounted on your dashboard. You can even place it below the seats for a non-intrusive cleaning of odours and air pollution from your car.

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