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Importance of Water Management and RO Purifiers for Your New Home

Feb 04, 2019

Water Management for RO Water Home

There is a case for water conservation at home and there is a case for ensuring water conservation in a new home. Since most older homes are not built with water conservation in mind, it is often difficult to install such systems later on. Which means that residents have to use alternate means of reducing water wastage if they so wish. However, when you are planning to build a new home you can chose to incorporate water management and energy conservation systems in the design.

Not just a way to protect the environment

Water conservation is not only good for the environment but also has a social and economic impact. Having a rainwater harvesting system in your home or residential building means you can have usable water available in case of municipal water shortages. In a country like ours, where summers are excessively hot and water shortages common, such a system can be a god send for you and other residents. Furthermore, waste water reuse in gardening and cleaning tasks can help in reducing the utility bills and give you an economic benefit in return for conserving water.

Last but not the least, RO purifiers can convert the water harvested by your rain water collection system into potable water for drinking and cooking needs. Since modern RO purifiers use multi-stage filtration and UV treatment, there are no chances of contaminants sneaking into your home. For instance, Livpure water purifiers come with up to 8-stage water filtration and UV water purification to ensure 100 per cent safe drinking water. Using a RO purifier is also one of the most efficient ways of ‘do-it-yourself’ water conservation.

Nowadays, you can also buy commercial water purification systems for cleaning water at a larger scale for residential and office buildings. These units are available from leading water purifier providers in India like Livpure. To know more about these systems, visit

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