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Keep Your Kids Active With Proper Food And Hydration

Sep 26, 2018

Kid eating food

Kids are quite fussy about the things they would like to eat and drink. As a parent, it is a never-ending struggle for you to make them eat healthy since kids are more attracted to candies and junk food so freely available nowadays. But have you ever thought about the real reason why kids love the unhealthy food?

Well, it might be that the healthy food and drinks you are offering your kids are too bland for their taste. Who would like to eat a bowl of spinach salad when there are pizzas and burgers available, right? But, you can make the regular food more exciting and fun for your kids by altering the unwanted options you are offering them right now.

Here’s how you can keep your kids healthy and active with exciting food and drinks.

Introduce them to fruits


Fruits are tastier than regular veggie options. By switching to fresh fruits like water melons, grapes, guavas, oranges, strawberries and kiwis, you can ensure that your kids are getting their vitamins and minerals. Fruits are also water rich and can ensure that your kid is hydrated and thus, active.

Veggie delights


If the first point seems biased in favor of fruits, here is one for the vegetables. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots can be eaten directly. You can make an assorted salad and pep it up with lemon and Jaljeera powder to make it an exciting culinary prospect for your kids.

Natural beverages

Natural beverages

If your kids are not too inclined towards regular water intake, you can also create exciting water drinks that will prompt them to take a sip. Minty water mixes, coconut water and Khas sherbet are some of things to start hydrating your kids.

Buying a water purifier 

Water purifier

Now you must be thinking, how is this relevant to the post I am reading, right? The thing is, modern RO water purifiers have taste enhancers, which makes water taste great and can help your kids develop a taste for the life-giving liquid as it is.

So, that’s that for this post. We hope this post helps you out with your children’s nutrition. If you are interested in buying a water purifier with taste enhancers, visit us at

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