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Modern Kitchen Gadgets to Help You Prepare Meals Faster

Dec 06, 2018

A well-equipped kitchen is every homeowner’s pride. Modern kitchen equipment makes it easier for you to dabble in the culinary arts than ever before, giving you that ‘master chef’ feeling while you work your way to your favourite delicacies. Also, having a modern kitchen can save you a lot of time and effort by automating some of the routine tasks like chopping fruits and veggies, boiling water, cleaning up dishes etc.

In this post, we are sharing the five must have modern kitchen appliances to help you prepare meals faster.

Food Processor

women preparing food

The food processor is a more advanced version of the table-top blender. However, it has several interchangeable blades, disks and attachments which make it more useful. You can use a food processor to make dough, slice vegetables and fruits, blend spices and other mixtures and even use it as a juicer. So, having one can facilitate a lot of repetitive tasks and save time for you.

Four Burner Stove

Four burner stove

A modern kitchen’s needs are barely served by the age-old two burner stove. Having a four or six burner stove not only allows you to multitask your cooking but also helps in saving time by speeding up the preparations. Plus, you can keep all your specialities on the burners and serve them piping hot ‘on demand’.

A Water Purifier 

Ro water purifier

Having a water purifier is also a must for a modern home. Given the levels of water pollution, having a water purifier ensures that you have a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water. Also, water purifiers remove foul smell and taste from the tap water, thus giving an authentic taste and aroma to your cuisines. Lastly, with a water purifier in place, you do not have to worry about boiling or filtering the water every time you cook, thus saving you precious time and effort.

Microwave / Oven Toaster Griller

microwave Oven

No modern kitchen is complete without one of these appliances. While both appliances can be used for cooking and reheating food, their application differs slightly. Microwaves are more suited for speedy cooking or reheating already cooked food whereas OTGs offer a more conventional cooking experience and are suited for baking, grilling and barbecues. 

Dish Washer

Dish washer

Last but not the least, a dishwasher can be one of those delightful additions to your kitchen which make cleaning up a lot easier. Modern dishwashers come with a variety of settings to ensure that all your crockery and glass items come out whole and squeaky clean.

So, there you have it, our picks for five essential kitchen appliances. We hope that this post helps you setup your ideal kitchen where you can spend more time in cooking your favourite food and beverages rather than in preparation and clean up.

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