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Simple ways to collect rainwater and reuse it

Jun 29, 2018

Monsoon is here and it’s the right season to conserve water. Water is a precious resource, which we neglect the most. Rainwater is one such water resource that has a lot of potential to save our nature.

One of the best things about rainwater is that it is generally clean and can be used for domestic uses. We often miss out to collect rainwater, but have you ever thought of collecting it? It could be a step towards sustainable future and it could save your water bills too!

We tell you 3 simple ways you could collect rainwater and reuse it:

1. Install rain barrels

This is the simplest way to collect rainwater in your backyard by installing a simple rain barrel. The rainwater barrel system is a small and really inexpensive system that you can use, you just need to fit a pipe that collects rainwater from the rooftop or verandah and you are ready! The water collected could either be filtered for home use or used for washing vehicles.

2. Create a rooftop water tank

Ever thought of having your own mini rooftop water tank? Well, we tell you that it is an excellent way to save water. All you have to do is invest in a water tank, install it, and you are done! Just one tip - ensure you have a well-filtered, well-sealed tank so that you don’t give in to mosquito breeding.

3. Maintain a rain garden

With increasing urbanisation most of the rainwater goes to drains and sewage. The water then becomes contaminated for any further use without any treatment. So instead of letting the water go to sewers, why not use it for vegetation or gardening. It’s easy to maintain a garden, it looks good and also helps the environment.

With our above suggestions, we are sure you could be a water ambassador to. Have you done something to save water that you would like to share with the world? Share your story here:

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