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Spiritual, Habitual And Technological Tips To Improve Your Social And Work Productivity

Oct 03, 2018

In the busy city life, we often miss out on social and work goals due to the sheer pressure on our mind and body. Sometimes, doing everything we could and still not getting the desired results can become quite distressing and hence start a vicious cycle of hopelessness. Today, we are sharing some spiritual, habitual and technological tips for you to help balance the act of your social and work life.

Let’s start off with the spiritual stuff first.

Think positive

Think Positive, Be positiv

While this may seem like a run-of-the-mill advice, there is no better alternative to it. And, developing positive thought is quite a bit harder to achieve than you might think. Every day, life throws problems at you which you need to solve quickly. Sometimes, these problems may have ramifications for a whole bunch of people other than you. It is in these scenarios that positive thinkers thrive i.e. by not only helping oneself but also others. So, start working on the positive thought front, read some good books — there is a lot of literature out there — watch videos and listen to soothing music to practice being relaxed when you face a difficult situation.

Now that the harder part of this practice is out of the way, let’s see the things which you can more readily do to increase your daily productivity.

Make a list

Make a list, laptop

Seems like another run-of-the-mill advice? Not so. Do you know that you are utilising only about 50 percent of the technological benefits offered by your smartphone?

Do you ever use your phone to make smart lists, use the calendar to set reminders for important occasions, and set daily alarms to prompt you into action? Most people do not. That’s why, when we say make a list, we mean to say make a smart list. Once you have your phone setup for all the things you have been missing out regularly — like getting home from work on time — your body and mind will become habitual to the routine in about 3 weeks’ time. Then you can add more items to the list — like getting up for those morning runs you have been planning for ages — and develop new, healthy habits.

Last but not the least, here are some smart home technologies that will keep you fit, healthy and productive.

Live pure 

Air Purifier

Environmental pollution is one of the biggest detriments for your health and productivity. Since it is not possible to get rid of all the pollution overnight, we suggest using smart home and office technologies to ensure immediate safety from it. Home products like water purifiers give you a clean supply of water for drinking and cooking, thus ensuring that your body is not being affected by organic or inorganic foreign bodies.

On the other hand, an air purifier will get rid of the ambient air pollution for you. As a matter of fact, indoor air pollution can be 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution because the air pollutants continue to gather inside an ambient environment if the ventilation is inadequate. Air purifiers are specially designed to remove indoor dust, dander, hair and volatile organic compounds through air filtration. Researchers have already determined that breathing in polluted air affects our mental and physical productivity. So, getting one will surely make a difference to your productivity goals.

So, that will be all for today. If you find this post helpful, share it with your near and dear ones. To know more about smart home technologies, visit us at

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