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Taking Care Of Your Health And Fitness In Humid Weather

Sep 24, 2018

A Person sweating workout

Our body’s lack of hair and efficient use of perspiration has given us an edge over other species. Early humans were able to run longer distances for hunting and gathering resources without overheating. Today, that advantage can be seen when we exercise and do fitness training. But the advantage of evolution also has its limits. When you are training in hot and humid weather the body’s natural cooling system - sweating - becomes less effective. The humid environment doesn’t allow the sweat to dry off and hence the pores on our skin are blocked, leading to a rise in internal heat. Thus, the uneasy, stuffy, hot feeling when you are at the gym during monsoons.

How to prepare for a gym session during monsoon season

Remember, the sweat doesn’t cool your body, it’s the evaporation of the sweat that does it. So, you should be mindful of certain things while exercising indoors or outdoors in humid weather.

  • Wear light and loose-fitting clothes. Singlets, light running shorts and t-shirts work best for exercising in humid weather. The more your skin is exposed the better it is for your body as it allows the sweat to evaporate.
  • Avoid exercising in the sun. While exercising with less clothing is recommended, going directly under the sun is not. The heat from the sun and stuffy weather conditions can leave you light headed after a strenuous workout session.
  • Take more breaks or even cut down the exercise time. Heat exhaustion can be really dangerous and may cause nausea and fainting. So be mindful of your body’s limits and do not over exert yourself.
  • Drink cool water regularly. Water regulates your body’s temperature in multiple ways. Since the perspiration system becomes less effective in dissipating your body’s internal heat, you can use water as a coolant for your body.

So, that’s all for this post. We hope that these tips will help you have a more productive and healthier workout during the humid weather of monsoons. Always remember to drink clean water to keep yourself hydrated and let others know of its benefits too. If you are having problems in securing a clean drinking water supply for your home, invest in a water purifier. RO water purifiers are the best home water filtration technology available in the market today. To know more about home and office water purifiers, click here.

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