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The Best Air Purifiers For Indian Pet Owners

Nov 26, 2018

Pet - Air purifiers for pet pwners

Owning a pet can change a person’s life. It makes you more disciplined and responsible and you start to tailor your world around your pet’s routine but having a pet in India can be quite challenging as well. India is a country with diverse climatic regions. It is tropical in the south and temperate and alpine in the Himalayan north. The various climatic regions influence our pets as well as most common household pets such as dogs and cats are warm blooded animals that shed hair and produce dander on a regular basis. The issue is aggravated in tropical climates.

Pet dander which is a combination of dead skin cells and fine pet hair is one of the major contributors to indoor air pollution. If left unchecked in the indoor air, this can cause allergies or respiratory disorder as well. The dander is so minute that it blends with the air inside your house causing poor air quality. Cleaning your house manually by dusting or sweeping and swabbing cannot get rid of the microscopic air pollutant particles that circulate easily in the air around your house. This kind of cleaning just displaces the particles that may resurface later.

Pet dander is very stubborn and often causes the air inside to become stuffy and reek of the pet’s smell. Sometimes, prolonged exposure to pet dander might eventually give rise to allergic reactions in the human beings sharing the same space. The best solution for pet owners in India is to buy an effective air purifier which significantly improves the indoor air quality by removing pet dander and other air pollutants and microscopic particles from the indoor air. 

Since the air inside the house is said to be much more concentrated with pollutants than the outside air, it is essential to invest in a good air purifier such as the Livpure air purifiers which are high functioning air purifiers that filter the indoor air properly to get rid of even the smallest of particles released in the air you breathe. These air purifiers use the latest technology of HEPA filters to clean and purify the air to leave you with refreshed indoors.

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