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The Best Value for Money Water Purifiers in the Market

Mar 24, 2019

Well, after the new government rules for e-commerce came into effect on Feb 1, your favorite online platform may no longer be offering the best value for your money. However, did you know that these restrictions do not apply on product manufacturers?

So, the best place to buy a smart home product like water purifier right now is the official website of a brand. In today’s post, we are reviewing the best value for money water purifiers from the Indian brand - Livpure. You can browse all products listed here on their official website

Category: UV Water Purifiers

The first category is for UV water purifiers. These water filtration products are best suited for low-TDS water supplies.

Product Name: Livpure Glitz UV + UF Water Purifier

Livpure Glitz UV + UF Water Purifier

Offering the benefits of Ultraviolet treatment and Ultrafiltration, the Glitz UV+UF water purifier is ideal for a new home. It can transform tap water into clean and healthy mineral water with its 4-stage purification system.


  • 4-Stage Advanced Water Purification
  • 7-Liter Storage Tank
  • e-Monitoring of UV Intensity
  • Unique Purity Sensor
  • Wall Mounted Installation
  • LED Indicators for Power, Tank Full and Purification-in-Process

Category: RO Water Purifiers

The RO technology is considered the best water filtration technology that is commercially available. RO purifiers are the best-selling water purifiers all over the world.

Product Name: Livpure Pep RO Water Purifier

Livpure Pep Ro Water Purifier

The Pep RO Water Purifier from Livpure sports an elegant, classy design and a unique color. This compact RO purifier allows you to conveniently install it in tighter spaces. The Pep RO purifier is a new product and employs an advanced 5 stage purification system to transform tap water into pure, disinfected drinking water.


  • 5-Stage Water Purification
  • Power ON, Purification-in-Process and Tank Full indicators
  • Elegant and Sleek Design for Modern Homes
  • 7-Liter Tank Capacity
  • Wall Mounted Installation

Category: Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

These water purifiers are table-top units which do not require electricity. The water purifiers are ideal for filtering relatively clean water.

Product Name: Livpure Fit Gravity Water Purifier

Livpure Fit Gravity Water Purifier

A water purifier under ₹ 2,000, the Livpure Fit is the first product in its category to come with US EPA registered disinfectant technology. It uses a unique Kitanu guard that can give up to 2,000 Liters of purified water.


  • 4-Stage Filtration with UF
  • Non-Electric Water Purifier
  • Bacteria and Virus Protection
  • Kitanu Guard
  • Cleans Muddy Water

So, that concludes our post. We hope you find it useful and are able to buy the best value for money water purifier for your home.

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