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The diseases that can be caused by polluted underground water

Nov 15, 2018

pollutants in water

Underground water is considered safer for direct consumption because of its relatively protected existence. Where surface water bodies like lakes and rivers are regularly exposed to environmental and man-made pollutants, underground water is rarely exposed to these elements.

However, there are certain situations where contamination of underground water can occur, such as presence of arsenic near an underground water body or seeping in of pathogens in the underground water.

Arsenic is a metalloid that is harmful for human body. Symptoms of arsenic poisoning include vomiting, abdominal pain, encephalopathy, and diarrhoea that contains blood. If the rocks and soil in your area have arsenic, it may get mixed into the underground water and reach your kitchen through the water supply.

The second cause of underground water pollution are pathogens. Pathogens are germs than can produce disease. Examples include, bacteria, viruses, protozoa, prion and fungus. Pathogens enter underground water through sewerage pits and networks. Infection caused by pathogens can be severe and cause diseases like cholera, typhoid, infectious hepatitis, gastroenteritis, cryptosporidiosis, and dysentery. In case of pathogen contamination, a very small amount of polluted water is enough to cause an infection.

How to purify underground water for home use

While soils act as a natural filter for eliminating pathogens and arsenic content from the surface water that gets absorbed and becomes underground water, excessive pollution and soil erosion has reduced that capacity in recent times. So, if you are getting your drinking water from an underground source, buy a water purifier to add an extra layer of security for your family’s health.

RO water purifiers use a technique known as reverse osmosis, wherein the water is passed through a membrane with microscopic pores that filter all but water molecules. An RO purifier offers the best protection against inorganic pollutants like arsenic.

In case you suspect pathogen contamination, buy a RO+UV water purifier instead. These water purifiers come with an ultra-violet light source to kill-off all bacteria and viruses. This treated water is then passed through the RO membrane to ensure total protection from underground water pollution.

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