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Tips for staying hydrated during winters

Nov 23, 2017

Dehydration is not just a summertime phenomenon, we can easily get dehydrated during winters as well. Sometimes, dehydration during winter can be higher than it is in summers. The reason being, we simply do not feel the need for water during winters and this may prolong the intervals between our normal water intake.

Another factor that contributes to dehydration during winters is the dry air. Our lungs have to work harder to warm up the air we breathe, and to humidify it. Thus, our body loses water and we can get dehydrated without realising.

Here are a few tips that will help you in keeping your body hydrated during winters months.

Do not wear too many thermals

Winter clothing protects us from the cold temperatures, but sometimes putting on too many thermals can raise our body's temperature and cause sweating.

As we know, sweating drains water from our system, but it can also lower our body temperature and force our system to work harder to maintain the blood flow.

Thus, in an effort to keep our bodies warm we start losing water through sweating and then our biological functions have to work harder to maintain stability, loosing more water in the process.

So, always wear comfortably warm clothes rather than wearing all your sweaters at once.

Biological signs that your body needs water

Our body loses water through respiration, sweating, and wastage. If your skin and lips remain excessively dry during winters, it means you need to up your water intake.

If you are suffering from indigestion or constipation, during winters, it might mean that you are not drinking requisite amounts of water. Similarly, the lesser amount of water released through urination can also be a sign of low water intake.

Do not ignore re-hydration after workouts

As mentioned earlier in this post, during winters we do not feel thirsty as much as during summers. Same thing applies when we are exercising in winters, the need of frequent water intake subsides.

But it is very important that you maintain your normal exercise schedule and keep having water at regular intervals.

Drink warm water and liquids

Room temperature fluids keep you hydrated while also maintaining your body temperature. Since, during winters the temperature drops significantly, the temperature of water stored inside your water purifier or pot will also drop. Make sure that you have a bottle of warm water by your side while travelling, exercising, eating and sleeping.

Eat foods that help you in retaining water

Salty foods help you in retaining water, include soups and broths in your meals for optimal nutrition and hydration during winters.

Due to the fact that the functions of our organs depend on water, proper hydration is extremely important for the #sampurnasuraksha of our health during winters. Follow these tips, and share your own in the comment below, to stay hydrated and healthy during the coming winters.

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