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Ultimate guide: How to Choose the Right Air Purifier for Your Home

Aug 31, 2017

With the rise in ambient air pollution in both urban and suburban areas, air purifiers have become the need of the hour in most homes. This need is felt even more by those suffering from dust and pollen allergy and those living with a smoker. You might also feel the need to own an air purifier when your child wants a pet cat and you or your partner is allergic to fur.

An air purifier eliminates all contaminants in the air as it flows through its filtration system leaving your home fresh and your lungs healthy. But how do you choose the right air purifier that suits all your requirements? Here’s what you must consider when buying air purifiers for home:

  1. High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) technology

HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air is a filtration technology used in modern air purifiers. Choose an air purifier that uses HEPA technology as it can offer an efficiency of trapping particulates down to 0.3 microns in size, 99.97% of the time. HEPA technology is a must-have. Additionally, air purifiers using activated carbon filters are also a good bet as they have a high absorption capability that keeps smoke, toxins and odours out of your home at all times.

  1. Area to be purified

Most air purifiers come with room size specifications. It is a good idea to buy an air purifier that purifies a larger area than you require as this guarantees that the air purifier will work well in different areas of your home irrespective of the room size and not just a small single room.

  1. Clean Air Delivery Rate

Clean Air Delivery Rate(CADR) is the efficiency measure of the air purifier. It reveals the rate at which the air purifier will eliminate particulate matter ranging from 0.10 to 11 microns. Choose an air purifier that offers a high Clean Air Delivery Rate. In short, the Clean Air Delivery Rate is the main metric that you should look out for while choosing an air purifier.

  1. Price and maintenance costs

To get the best price for your new air purifier, compare prices across brands and stores. You can also check the prices of air purifiers online. You might just come across a good deal during festive sales. Not only do you need to consider the initial cost of the air purifier but also inquire about the maintenance costs from your friends and family who already own various brands of air purifiers.

  1. After-sales service

While most companies go all out to make you purchase their air purifiers, you need to find out about the quality of after-sales service they offer as well. While reputed air purifiers will not need much after-sales service, choosing a brand that offers timely and high-quality service is a good idea.


  1. Value added features

Other than the quality of the air purifier, you may also need additional features to improve your user experience. Some additional features that air purifiers come with include caster wheels for easy mobility, handles for lifting, digital displays, remote controls, multiple fan speeds, filter change indicators, timers, air quality sensors, and more. While these features are not absolutely essential, they do improve usability and add to your convenience.

We realize that choosing an air purifier can be difficult when there are many varieties available in the market. Don’t waste your time trying to find the ideal air purifier for your home. Now that you know all the must-haves of an efficient air purifier, go ahead and make an informed decision.

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