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Water Filtration Methods That Convert Tap Water Into Safe Drinking Water

Feb 05, 2019

Boiling Water

There are a number of ways people in India filter water before home use. It includes some traditional ways of filtering water, which have remained effective despite their age. In this post, we will have a look at these common methods of converting tap water into safe drinking and cooking water and compare them to the more modern options available today.

Cloth filtration:

This is generally used in rural areas where the water is sourced from a municipal source or from groundwater hand pumps. A piece of clean cloth is used to filter the water being poured into a clay pot or brass/steel utensil.

Tap filters:

These are rudimentary water filters which can be attached to a tap or hose. The water is then stored for drinking and kitchen use. Tap filters are also quite common in the rural and semi-urban areas and can often be found at wayside hotels and restaurants as well.


Use of alum is also quite fairly common in villages and farm houses. Alum settles the heavy elements mixes in the water, making it cleaner. It is generally used for cleaning water stored in clay pots.


The most effective and one of the oldest ways to sterilise water is boiling. It kills off germs and microbes and is another popular way of cleaning tap water.

Now, let’s compare these methods to modern water treatment through RO water purifiers.

RO Water Purifiers:

These portable units can be mounted on table tops or walls and connect directly to a water supply. The reverse osmosis process uses a membrane with microscopic pores to filter water molecules, removing everything else mixed in the water. Advanced RO purifiers from brands like Livpure also come with a mineralizer for adding nutrients and enhancing the taste of the filtered water.

In comparison to the very basic protection offered by traditional water purification techniques, RO purifiers definitely offer a better proposition. The indigenization of the technology has also made RO water purifiers affordable and widely available in India, which is another reason why households should consider buying a water purifier for converting tap water into potable water.

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