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Ways to Educate Our Children About Conserving Water at Home

Mar 07, 2018

Saving water is something which we need to inculcate as a habit in our kids. Given the fact that almost every major city in India faces acute drinking water shortage during summer months, water conservation is something which we should make a part of our way of life.

Kids are quite impressionable and by educating your kids about being water wise, you can also inspire his/her young friends as well. Here are a few ways you can help your child develop a water wise attitude.

Saving water with the #CuttingPaani initiative

The Livpure initiative - #CuttingPaani  asks you to take only the amount of drinking water you need to rehydrate yourself. You can educate your kids using the same concept by asking them to fill up their glasses according to how thirsty they feel. Buying a home water purifier can also help you in this, as your kid can simply fill the glass for as much water as he or she wants.

Turning off faucets properly

Kids often forget to turn off faucets properly, leaving them dripping. You will be surprised to know that hundreds of litres of clean water could have been wasted due to these leaking taps. Ask your kids to double-check the faucets after they are done washing their hands or brushing their teeth.

Flushes and showers

By telling your kids to use the half-flush every time they need to use the loo, you can save a lot of tank water. Similarly, a inculcating a habit of quick showers will result in saving thousands of litres of water in every household.

Encourage kids to reuse water

You can also tell your child about the importance of water and how they can use it wisely. For example; you can ask them to use the leftover water from your glasses and flasks for gardening. Kids are quite sharp at remembering these things and may even remind you of this duty once in a while.

At Livpure, we are always striving for social improvement and conservation of our natural resources. We invite you to join hands with us for the #CuttingPaani  initiative  to help save water through small, thoughtful life changes. You can sign the petition and be a part of the campaign by clicking here.

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