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Ways to save water at a restaurant

Jun 29, 2018

Whether you are having the food or serving it, water conservation is completely in your control! Restaurants and public eateries at large are like hubs for wastage of water, some of them unknowingly or some just due to negligence.

For restaurant owners:

 Train your staff

The best equipment to save water will go waste if the humans around have zero awareness. Make it a point to train your staff about water conservation because they are the ones eventually serving water, preparing food and disposing the leftover waste.

Fix the leaking faucets

Faucet parts are not very inexpensive and easily replaceable. It’s easy to ignore those dripping pipes and leakages in the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen, but always make sure to repair them at the earliest.

Collect unsalted cooking water

Don’t throw unsalted cooking water, it could be used to water plants or the garden nearby. You just need a diligent employee to take care of collecting this water and not letting it go waste.

Close the tap between every hand wash

Request your chefs to turn off the tap while they wash their hands with soap, before and after their shifts. Every time they wash hands, a lot of water goes down the drain for no reason whatsoever.

Avoid wastage during washing dishes

Don’t rinse plates off individually; simply run a sink till the halfway mark and use this as rinsing water.

Opt for Cutting Paani

When you are not that thirsty, why opt for a full glass? Say yes to cutting paani!

Customers as well as restaurant owners should choose half a glass of water, as it prevents the habit of wasting the remaining unwanted water. You can always ask for more when you need it, right?

Do you know any cool tricks that you use to save water? If so, you can be a water ambassador. We would love to hear your story here:

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