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What is a Domestic Water Treatment System?

Mar 18, 2019

Contaminated water to pure water infographic

Any process that can improve the quality of a given source of water can be called water treatment. Therefore, water treatment is usually defined by specific end-use of the water. If it is being used for industrial use, it is termed industrial water treatment, and if it is used for domestic use, it is termed as domestic water treatment.

Domestic Water Treatment

Treatment of water for domestic uses such as drinking, cooking and other general purposes is done to make sure that the water is pure enough for human consumption without any short- or long-term risk to health. Some of the more identifiable pollutants which are present in water supplies are algae, bacteria, fungi, viruses, suspended solids, and minerals like iron and manganese. A domestic water treatment system is required for removing these elements and making the water fit for use.

Domestic Water Treatment Systems

The processes used in a domestic water treatment system include physical processes such as settling and filtration, chemical processes such as disinfection and biological processes such sand filtration.

Water Softening

This involves the use of an FRP pressure vessel with manual/automatic multiport valve to operate the unit. The vessel has a bed of ion exchange polymer beads (also known as cation exchange resin). The water softener system is used for removing Calcium and Magnesium ions from water by exchanging them with sodium and chloride ions, hence converting hard water into soft water.

Iron Filter

The iron filter has a bed of silex and birm media through which the raw water is filtered. In this process, all physical impurities and iron contents up to 5 ppm get removed.

Sand Filter

 It is used for removing turbidity & physical impurities from the input water. Sand filter is widely used along with water softener and iron remover to get continuous flow of pure water.

Where to buy domestic water treatment systems in India?

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