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When should you ideally change the filter of your water purification system

Apr 06, 2017

Buying a water purifier is not enough. You have to maintain it properly to ensure that harmful contaminants don’t pollute your drinking water. One of the most important steps for the maintenance of your water purification system is to change the filter occasionally. But the question here is, how often should you change the filter? Let us help you find out.

A filter is your water purifier’s best defence system, filtering harmful contaminants from polluting your drinking water. That’s why it is essential to maintain and change your Smart RO filter on time.

It is recommended to change your sediment, carbon and DI cartridges every 6-8 months and RO membrane every 2 years. While this is a good recommendation, it can be misleading as well. The rate at which cartridges get exhausted depends on the level of impurities present in your supply tap water and how much water you filter using your RO purifier.

Consider changing cartridges based on the gallons of water that have passed through them. If you use your RO purifier to produce large quantities of pure water, the cartridge is likely to get exhausted within 3 months. If you don’t change it, the filter gets saturated by contaminants. These contaminants and dirt pass into your water if not changed on time. In turn, they are harmful to health.

RO water purifiers may have 3-12 stages of purification, and therefore, it is important that you schedule your filter change when it is due for replacement. Ideally, you should replace your filter every 6 months or after purifying 3,000 gallons of water.

Sediment filter

Maintaining your sediment filter is also very important. It helps you drain out the sediment, dirt and slit. A clean sediment filter protects the RO membranes from dirt. If you don’t change this filter, the dirt will reach the membrane and contaminate the water that passes through it. This filter should be changed at least once a year.

Carbon filter

The carbon filter helps remove chlorine and other harmful contaminants. It is also responsible for removing all sorts of odours from the water. Get your carbon filter replaced at least once in a year.

RO membrane

The membrane of the RO system is semi-permeable. If you take good care of the sediment and carbon filters, the membrane only needs to be changed after you’ve consumed 4 - 6k of water volume. It may be higher or lower depending on the TDS of input water. The replacement schedule will be based on the consumption of water in your household.

Check for drips and leakages

If you notice any drips or leakages in your RO system, make sure you call a professional immediately to fix it. If you don’t fix the problem right away, it can cause serious damage to your water purification system.

Annual maintenance

Even if you don’t use your RO filter much, you must call a professional to replace the filters annually. They’ll do the cleaning and replacement of parts and fix the problems of drips and leakages.

Your RO purifier will function well for years to come if you maintain it properly. Don’t try to replace any of the filters on your own. Always hire professionals for maintenance jobs. Always take a contract from the brand and not from your local service provider to get the job done right at the first time.

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