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Why #CuttingPaani Needs to Become a Habit for the Overall Development of the Nation

Apr 04, 2018

Water is a precious life resource. All living things require water in one form or another to survive, therefore, saving water is not only the need of the hour, but also a conscious life choice for all of us. The Livpure #CuttiingPaani campaign is all about creating a better future for the future generations by saving water.

As we all know, cities like Delhi and Bangalore are facing a shortage of clean drinking water on a regular basis, one part or another of the country is always facing a drought situation, and human activities are continuously polluting clean sources of water – it is essential that more campaigns like #CuttingPaani are conceptualised and followed.

Just imagine if we are able to save, say 5 litres of water daily, per person, through campaigns like #CuttingPaani. In India alone, it will translate to 6 billion litres of water savings per day. We can lift a huge burden from our water supply and recycling infrastructure, use the saved water for farming, and ensure continuous supply of clean water to all our cities, towns and villages.

Water is an important part of our daily nutrition, and by ensuring that everyone is having clean drinking water, we can also increase the productivity of our people. Furthermore, clean water will keep us healthy, saving billions of rupees in public health spending each year.

So, when you begin to think about the benefits of saving water from a national perspective, the rewards for the country's economy and the health and well being of its citizens are endless.

Join hands with Livpure in promoting water conservation and water preservation in India. Sign the #CuttingPaani petition now by clicking on this link.

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